To make a Stock Donation please click here:

Please send checks to:
Shine A Ligh7
4966 Devaney Street
St. Louis Park, MN 55416


Shine A Ligh7’s 501(c)(3) will provide you with an official tax deductible

Tax ID# 82 - 1463911 Charitable organization disclosure:

  • A written receipt from the donee organization is required for taxpayers claiming a charitable gift of $250 or more.  
  • Acknowledgments of charitable gifts under substantiation requirements may be made via e-mail (IRS Pub. 1771; Notice 2002-25)
  • Donee organizations furnishing economic benefit in the form of goods or services in return for donations in excess of $75 must provide a written statement indicating the deductible portion of the donor payments.

Written acknowledgement from Shine A Ligh7 will contain:

  • Donor name with amount and date of cash paid,
  • Description of other property given (without valuation), and
  • Statement of whether or not benefits were provided, and if so, a good faith estimate of the value.

NOTE:  Donations of stock and other property should not contain a reference to the value of the contributed item.  The only exception to this would be donations of auction items since the FMV of the auction item is to be established at the time of the event.